Permits & Licensing

The following is a list of Environmental Transport Group Inc.’s (ETGI) Permit # by State:




Alabama NJD000692061
Arkansas H-71
Connecticut CT-HW-108
Delaware HW-67 (Hazardous)
SW-0228 (Solid)
Georgia 11245
Illinois UPW-0485801-OH
Indiana NJD000692061
Kansas NJD000692061
Kentucky NJD000692061
HWH-193 (Hazardous)
2007-OPV-5865 (Used Oil)
Massachusetts 221
Michigan UPW-0485801-OH
Minnesota UPW-0485801-OH
Missouri License No. 07127001000
Nevada UPW-0485801-OH
New Hampshire TNH-0067
New Jersey H-07107 (Hazardous)
15532 (Solid)
New York NJ-057
Ohio UPW-0485801-OH
Oklahoma UPW-0485801-OH
Pennsylvania PA-AH0104 (Hazard)
PA-HC 0023 (Infectious)
WH1451 (Residual/Municipal)
Rhode Island RI-424
South Carolina NJD000692061
Tennessee NJD000692061
Texas 40460
Virginia NJD000692061
West Virginia UPW-0485801-OH
Wyoming NJD000692061
Ontario Certificate of Approval No. 8173-5RQLP
ICC MC# 153655
Federal EPA ID# NJD000692061
US DOT# 485801
Federal Haz Registration # 050509 551 038R